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Call for Presentations (CTSC 2019)

The primary objective and purpose of the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) TM is to provide  high-quality professional development and networking opportunity for technical security professionals across Canada and abroad.

Our three (3) day, single seminar track format provides a unique, self-directed learning opportunity with a wide variety of informative technical and non-technical presentations, interactive expert panel forums, and an impressive range of TSCM industry related Exhibitors.

Professional Development presentations, designed to transcend all aspects of the TSCM industry with a focus on current and emerging technology, best practices and challenges facing TSCM practitioners, and others who are responsible for a variety of Technical Security (TSEC) functions within their respective organizations.

Presentations may be designed and developed for any level of experience, from the fundamental basics, to intermediate, and advanced presentation topics.

Share your extensive experience and knowledge with your peers by submitting a presentation proposal for the 14th annual Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) TM.

Submit your presentation proposal today for this unique and important opportunity and help shape the CTSC 2019 into a significant and meaningful event.


Submitting Your Presentation

We ask that all submissions be submitted electronically on the Presenter Registration Form.

All received presentations will be reviewed immediately following the submission deadline for this years conference event.

Notifications will be sent directly to the email address listed for the speaker / presenter.

It is essential that as a minimum, presenters submit a presentation title, presentation description, personal bio and photograph for inclusion on the CTSC 2019 website.


Basic Demographics

CTSC participants are primarily TSCM professionals from the private sector, government, military, consultants, engineers, and the law enforcement sector.

Past CTSC events have commanded an impressive list of participants from across Canada and internationally, who recognize the value of a dedicated event of this nature.


Submission Deadline

It is strongly recommended your initial interest and actual submissions as requested be forwarded to the CTSC Committee as early as possible (today is a good day)!

Speaker and Presenter information is required so that the CTSC Committee will have the necessary time to complete the conference agenda, marketing materials and to allow us to promote the conference effectively.

We anticipate a submission deadline of Wednesday January 11, 2019, however, please contact us with your interest as soon as possible.

We are always interested in new ideas and subject matter presentations, product demonstrations and relevant and timely technical papers.


Simplified Submission Guidelines

We offer the following basic submission guidelines to assist speakers and presenters.

All submissions must be forwarded to the CTSC 2019 committee at Paul Turner by the posted submission deadline.

  • Presentations must be submitted and delivered in English, the official language of the event.
  • Presentations should describe and be based on the presenters original work, experience, or research.
  • An individual may submit more than one (1) presentation to be delivered during multiple sessions, however, the presentations must not be the same.


Presentation Requirements

CTSC 2018 requires the following details to be submitted along with the presentation abstract.

Please follow the new "Call for Presentations" guideline and checklist below.

  • Name | Title of the Presenter
  • Contact Information
  • Personal BIO | Head and Shoulders Digital Photograph (JPG, PNG)
  • Exact Title of the Proposed Presentation
  • Ready to Post | Description of the Presentation (75 - 250 words)
  • Session Delivery Time Requirement (60 or 120 minutes)
  • Presentation Equipment Requirements
  • Please submit your proposal in Microsoft Word or Adobe (PDF) file format (if possible) or contact the CTSC for other acceptable file formats and submit via email to Carol Fairbrother or Paul D Turner, TSS TSI for review.

The CTSC event addresses the very latest information on security strategies and best recommended practices, critical and emerging threats, and cutting-edge countermeasures.

If you have something innovative to share, this is the ideal forum to address a dedicated and high motivated audience.

Presentations must be of a technical (or relevant non-technical) subject matter or nature and relevant to TSCM and Technical Security (TSEC) practitioners.

Speakers and Presenters are reminded to avoid any direct sales pitch for any specific product or service during any of the professional development seminars or workshops, unless the session is approved for example, as a product or service demonstration.

CTSC has no objection of presenters identifying and promoting their respective organizations, products and services in conjunction with the technical briefing.

It is important for presenters to contact the CTSC event committee as soon as possible to facilitate topic and schedule development.

This event provides an excellent opportunity to pass along important technical security issues and emerging threats and countermeasures to like minded industry professionals.



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